Weekly Decluttering Ideas: August 2

Weekly Decluttering Ideas: August 2

decluttering decluttering ideas decluttering inspiration Aug 02, 2021

Weekly Decluttering Ideas: August 2

Welcome back to another set of 5 things to declutter this week! Today, I’m sharing another list of five overlooked items you might have in your home that could be decluttered. 

Promotional Office Supplies: Do you really need office supplies with random vendor names all over them? Unless it’s replacing certain items you need, if offered any of these promotional items, it’s best to decline them. If fewer items come into your space, you have fewer items to manage, clean, care for, and use, which means less work!

Seasonal Decor You Have No Place For: If you have seasonal decor, reflect about how often you use each piece. Just a few days? A month? A whole season? Just because you have decorations doesn’t mean you have to keep using them in the future (especially if your style has changed over time). Prior to that holiday, send extra decor that you no longer want or need to the donation center...just in time for someone else who might get more value out of it!

Old Phone Books/Directories: In such a digital age, these items have become obsolete for many. In fact, it’s probably faster to look up a phone number to a local business online rather than in the phone book. Recycle or repurpose any outdated or unused phone books and directories.

Unnecessary Items In Your Wallet: Over time, our wallets can get cluttered and need a good clean out. Take a moment to pull everything out, and get rid of any trash, used gift cards, or any miscellaneous items. Then, reorganize everything you’re putting back in. I recommend doing this on a weekly basis.

Broken/Missing Storage Containers: If your containers are broken or have missing pieces, they can’t really do the job they’re intended for anymore. Don’t let them take up space, either recycle or toss them, or find an alternative use that only requires one part of the container.


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