Are you ready to take your life to the next level and live your best life with less? 's three foundational courses can give you the strategies, skills, and support you need!

Better with Less

This self-paced, step-by-step decluttering course will help you declutter your entire home from start to finish.


Conventional to Intentional

Create a more intentional and fulfilling life in just 30 days with this inspirational video course.


Monthly Minimalist Makeover

This membership site contains monthly challenges and audio guides to help you create a more minimal life.


Which course is right for me?

If you are unsure about which course is a good fit for you, scroll down to view more details about each program!

Better with Less is perfect for anyone who needs help decluttering.

In this step-by-step program, you will learn how to declutter and simplify:

  • key living spaces
  • wardrobe
  • kitchen
  • storage areas
  • hobby clutter
  • sentimental clutter
  • digital clutter
  • paper clutter
  • non-physical clutter

When you enroll, you'll get immediate access to all materials: videos, printable and digital resources and homework sheets, coaching calls, audio guides, bonuses, and more!


Conventional to Intentional is a self-paced program perfect for anyone who wants to develop an intentional mindset and way of life.

This 30-day course is designed with topics to help you heal, grow, prioritize, and transform your life.

The following materials are included:

  • 30 short and inspirational videos
  • reflection sheets
  • daily action steps to shift your habits and mindset
  • bonus Intentional Living Planner

Monthly Minimalist Makeover is perfect for those who want to work on decluttering, intentional living, improving their finances, health, and habits over an extended period of time.

This monthly program provides a new minimalist challenge each month to help you improve an aspect of yourself or your space.

Each month, you receive the following:

  • A 15-20 page guide and workbook
  • 2 motivational audio guides and recorded live calls
  • Access to a private Facebook group with a like-minded and supportive community

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in to your course materials is very easy! Simply click on the “Login” tab in the top right corner of, and enter your email and password. Or, visit this link: /login.

All of the courses are lifetime access, meaning you can continue to access the materials as long as you’d like.

All programs have a money-back guarantee, with the exception of the monthly payment option for the Monthly Minimalist Makeover. The money-back guarantee for Conventional to Intentional is 7 days (since it is the shortest program), and the money-back guarantee is 30 days for Better with Less and Monthly Minimalist Makeover (paying in full version).

If you would like a refund, simply email at [email protected] within the timeframe. Your full payment will be refunded; no questions asked.

Email at [email protected] with any additional questions!


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